Cameron Honeycutt is from the coast of North Carolina where he grew as a worship leader and formed a passion for raw encounters with Christ through music. Since early childhood, he was exposed to hymns, gospel, and other music that cultivated his heart for worship. Beginning in his hometown church he began to gather with locals and lead worship for the youth. His heart for music led him to Lee University where he was involved with the universities worship choir and praise team.

Touring the Northeastern and Southeastern states he experienced a new level of intimacy, community and spiritual warfare through song. Knowing that our battles are won in prayer even before we go into action became a central theme. It was during these times that he discovered his call for composing and leading worship. Now and throughout his journey, he focuses on composing new sounds for people to connect, believe in and experience Jesus Christ. Cameron met his wife,  Kristen Honeycutt from Georgia while they were attending Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. Together, they pursue a passion for ministry in their lives.



“It’s really unique how this song was created. Sons & Daughters was birthed out of genuine and raw worship that began to pour out spontaneously. I love to play different melodies as a way to process and express each day and my journey through life. I had this tune that kept coming from my heart each time I would sit down to play the keys – for months really. I wanted it to connect as an outcry for Gods spirit to intimately ignite our hearts as His church and as His sons and daughters – essentially, for God to stir His presence over us. I believe that now more than ever before, our generation is in search for authenticity. We need to know our unshakable and secure identity in Christ that fills all voids and provides the answers that we are seeking in this life.

It’s a declaration, an outcry over our generations. What began as a prayer for God to stir us, move us, and ignite us – came to a close proclaiming that we will not move nor will we go without Him – His presence, His path, and His will.

When I think of Gods sons and daughters encountering his presence, it’s an incomparable experience not to be left to a song itself but a daily walk of intimacy… hand in hand with a God who loves and cares so deeply for you and I. It is my heart for this song to be an anthem of worship and a way to sincerely connect with our Savior. With a fervent passion, my heart is for cultivating an atmosphere where we can encounter Christ through authentic worship.”

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